Reasons for enhance and use and trade embrace Afghan battle, Niyazov’s lax policies; declare that Iran may be trying to assist narcotic use in Turkmenistan; perhaps Tmen elite do not want population interested in politics so they allow drug use; UN mtg. On narcotics smuggling and measures employed by different countries to battle medicine. Con’t from Side 1; difficulties called by career; problems faced by ladies in gov’t; social issues (health, infant mortality, environmental degradation; gov’t politicies); efforts to develop skilled cadre; bride price issue. Additionally, she mentioned that lecturers are anticipated to give faculty students bigger grades in the occasion that they combine the Ruhnama into their assignments.

  • Since the collapse of the Soviet Union, Iran has exported huge sums of cash and hundreds of imams to Central Asia to remodel hitherto relatively relaxed Muslim populations.
  • Due to the country’s poor economic scenario and widespread drug use, many women discover themselves as the sole providers for the household.
  • The president lately requested parliament to increase the presidential time period to seven years and take away the higher age restrict of presidential candidates, in a switch that many think about a bid to set himself up to govern indefinitely.
  • Folk dancing is very regarded, and dancing teams make frequent appearances during local holidays and at essential social events.

However, the requirement that women work for 20 years so as to obtain pension benefits, in gentle of the reality that girls usually tend to work within the house, suggests that they might face specific difficulties in accessing state financial advantages. Recent reductions in state advantages have had a devastating impact on Turkmenistan’s inhabitants. Current authorities policies on social welfare stand in stark distinction to the economic policies of the Soviet system. Today, Turkmenistan has a high fee of unemployment and provides inadequate public assistance. Scenes of aged ladies hawking goods on the bazaar – a rare sight through the Soviet era – are now commonplace as a lot of the country’s aged inhabitants struggles to outlive with out state help. The BBC reported an additional dismissal of 15,000 medical employees in 2004 and described the purpose of the cuts to be discount of state expenditure on heath care. Many of these positions were stuffed by ladies who primarily catered to other girls and to youngsters.

The loss or theft overseas of a U.S. passport ought to be reported immediately to the local police and the closest U.S. If you’re the sufferer of against the law while overseas, along with reporting to native police, please contact the nearest U.S. The Embassy/Consulate workers can, for example, assist you to search out applicable medical care, contact family members or pals and clarify how funds could be transferred. Although the investigation and prosecution of the crime is solely the accountability of native authorities, consular officers might help you to know the local felony justice course of and to search out an legal professional if wanted. During the seventy five years of Soviet domination, Turkmenistan was completely depending on the USSR for power sources, academic supplies, banking, postal companies, and all major planning and administrative activities. Since declaring its independence, the Republic of Turkmenistan has been working to determine institutional and economic stability.

Want To Maintain Afghanistans Commerce, Financial And Political Ties With India: Senior Taliban Chief

Although President Berdimuhamedov continued with 2006 plans to assemble a Ruhnama college, the projected university’s focus began to change from «learning the deep roots of the nation’s great spirit» to incorporate a extra worldwide outlook. Only one establishment of Islamic education remained open, and the federal government managed the curriculum. Reports of obstructed journey based on spiritual minority group affiliation continued. In April Turkmen Evangelical Church Pastor Ilmyrat Nurliyev was barred from travel to Ukraine for a friend’s wedding ceremony. The government regularly denied entry visas to international members of registered and unregistered groups. The authorities incorporated some elements of Islamic tradition in its effort to redefine a national identity.


While nobody had but invoked the Convention in Turkmen courts, she assured the Committee that the Union of Women, a non-governmental organization with 1 million members, had a right to place questions to the Government should the necessity arise. In addition, an international women’s conference had lately taken place in Turkmenistan, organized by the Union of Women, demonstrating the country’s willingness to advertise the advancement of ladies. Although Article 163 of the Criminal Code now criminalizes polygamy, the government has made no effort to enforce the legislation or condemn the apply in any meaningful method.

Geologists drilling in the Turkmen desert allegedly created the fiery crater in 1971 when the bottom beneath their machine collapsed. The fireplace they thought would shortly exhaust itself has been burning ever since. Ghostly shots taken within the necropolis Koshkar-Ata, Kazakhstan, depict migrant workers, their faces covered to protect them from the sun’s glare, crafting mausoleums for the oil-rich departed in crypts once reserved for local saints.

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Under Burkina Faso regulation, girls should be aged 17 or older earlier than they marry, yet greater than half of ladies (51.3%) aged are already married within the Sahel region within the north of the nation. Erdogan mentioned the aim of such attacks was to sow division between totally different groups in Turkey together with Arabs, Kurds and Turkmen and to «spread incitement alongside ethnic and religious strains».

Equality Before The Legislation

The doc was compiled from varied open sources and U embassy reporting. Publishing or in any other case distributing OSAC-derived info in a manner inconsistent with this policy could result in the discontinuation of OSAC help. The Tolkuchka Bazaar – open on Sundays and situated simply outside of Ashgabat. You will find the most effective costs on carpets here and you can simply spend a complete day wandering by way of the market, taking within the colours, smells, and native flavor. She held a piece of cloth from her headdress in her mouth, unable to talk within the presence of her mother-in-law, a Muslim custom. We exchanged smiles and even with out the good thing about words, she expressed satisfaction in the wedding ceremony, her youngster, and her family. While many areas alongside the Silk Road produce unique carpets, Turkmen rugs have become well known in the West, due to their prime quality and beauty.

Akhaltekin horses, raised at the Akhaltekin oasis, are a breed which dates date to the third century. Bucephalus, the favorite horse of Alexander the Great, was Akhaltekin. In 1986, an Akhaltekin horse, Dancing Brave, was bought for $50 million. Akhaltekins have a big share of the racehorse breeding market worldwide, and are depicted on Turkmenistan’s nationwide emblem. The inability to boost sufficient fodder impedes livestock development. The livestock inhabitants in 2005 included sheep, 13,000,000; cattle, 2,000,000; goats, 370,000; pigs, 30,000; asses, 25,000; horses, 16,000; and chickens, 7,000,000. Karakul sheep are raised for wool export; in 2005, 20,000 tons of greasy wool and 12,000 tons of sheep skins have been produced.

Humanitarian Catastrophe In Afghanistan?

Iran’s neighbors who belong to the OSCE, such as Azerbaijan, Armenia, and Krygyzstan, were keenly aware of Ahmadinejad’s glide to victory, with reactions ranging from curiosity to nervousness concerning how the Iranian public would react. The Iranian citizenry met Ahmadinejad with nonviolent, but persecuted, protests within the streets, much like other demonstrations of civil disobedience in Iran’s neighboring international locations. So, the query then turns into what the results of Ahmadinejad’s re-election are on post-Soviet states. 1 Current statistics are difficult due to the illegality of the practice and underreporting by victims.

On June 5, authorities denied departure for fellow RFE/RL reporter Soltana Achilova. On June 15, local officers, including an imam, broke into an house in Turkmenbashy and interrupted a meeting of Jehovah’s Witnesses.